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By joining us, you can help us achieve our vision of a society where everyone can live full lives and experience a world without barriers.

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Looking for a role where you can make a positive difference? By joining us, you will be helping empower deaf, hard of hearing, visually impaired adults, children and their families to live healthy, independent lives.

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Our Culture & Rewards

We aim to create the best possible culture where employees are positive and proud of being part of the organisation and buy into the organisation’s values.

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Our Recruitment Process

Through our recruitment process, we aim to recruit high quality individuals by ensuring that they have the right knowledge, skills and experience to deliver quality services to service users.  This section will guide you through our recruitment process and answers the most important questions you may have.

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HR Strategies

We aim to create a culture where employees and volunteers are positive and proud of being part of BID Services, where they are valued and supported to develop professionally and where people are able to benefit from a positive work/life balance. Our HR Strategies outline how we will achieve this.

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Are you looking to volunteer? Our volunteers are invaluable and make a huge difference to our work. Whatever your skills, experience and interests, we probably have a volunteering opportunity that will suit you. We would like to hear from you and welcome you to our amazing team of volunteers.

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Work Experience and Placements

We offer a range of work experience and work placements for those studying at school, college or university.

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Got a question? Our friendly team will be happy to help

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