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Meet the team

Meet some of the faces behind BID Services! Each member plays an important role in delivering our services to individuals and communities.

Headshots of 7 people. Top row left to right: Asian woman with long, brown wavy hair, white man with short ginger hair, a beard and glasses, white male with short brown hair and a beard. Bottom row left to right: White male with short light brown hair, white woman with medium length blonde hair and glasses, black man who is bald, Asian lady with long, wavy brown hair. The edges of three coloured shapes, purple, blue and green can be seen behind the people.




Lead Worker

I chose this job because growing up, I face lots of barriers so working with clients means I can help remove some of those barriers. I love my team!



Senior Information, Advice & Guidance (IAG) Officer

I have worked at BID Services for 20 years now and have always felt passionately about my job. As I have been in a number of different roles during this time, I have had the opportunity to develop new skills.



Senior Administrator

My proudest achievement is learning British Sign Language (BSL). I really enjoy helping people with a sensory loss find work and training.



Business Development Executive

My proudest achievement was developing, setting up and sustaining our Employment Service for over 12 years.



Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) Officer


Lead Worker



Business Development/Marketing Manager

I started in 2018 to help bring in fundraising which enabled us to launch new services, in particular those needed during the pandemic. I love to get out and about in nature, going for walks and climbing as much as I can!



Marketing and Multimedia Specialist

I’ve been here for over 20 years without getting into too much trouble! When I’m not working, I enjoy reading, cooking and decorating the house. I have two dogs who enjoy taking me for walks!



Marketing Officer

I’ve really enjoyed learning about different sensory impairments and learning BSL. I’m proud of the part I’ve played in revamping our social media presence and using these platforms to connect with, celebrate and inspire our communities.

Jock Bridgewater BIRMINGHAM


Stakeholder Engagement Officer

I joined the team in September 2023.

White woman with medium length blonde hair against a light blue background.


Mental Health Advocacy


Senior Training Officer


HR Learning and Development Officer

I have been working at BID for 2 and a half years and my biggest achievement is helping improve learning & development along with learning BSL. BID is a great place to work with very supportive staff.



Team Manager

My colleagues are my friends and we work together to support citizens to achieve their outcomes – no matter how big or small. I like to spend my spare time with my two children.

Asian woman with long, dark brown, wavy hair against a light green background.


Employment Team Manager

I joined BID in 2019 and my proudest achievement is gaining qualifications in BSL. Working here gives me the opportunity to work in an innovative way.



I’ve had many different roles since joining BID in 2018! When I’m not at work, I enjoy spending time with my children and family.



BSL Employment Coach

I like working here and being part of a community. When I’m not here, I enjoy working on my project cards and being a dad to my three children!


Bailey Dorney LEEDS


Communicator Guide

I started working for BID Services in 2021 and my proudest achievement is attaining a level 3 apprenticeship in customer service. My Job allows me to help people which I enjoy and outside of work, I like to go and visit my friends.

Lindsey Wilson LEEDS


Hearing Aid Clinic Outreach Worker

I joined the team in 2017 and love working here because it gives me the chance to support, and be part of a team that helps to break down barriers that people with a sensory loss face on a daily basis in the community. When not working, I enjoy unwinding with my family and friends.

Hannah Beddoe LEEDS


Employment Transitions Worker

I’m proud to have worked on some complex cases and managed to close them after being able to support them successfully. I enjoy working here because I love to support people with visual and hearing impairments. When not working, I like to spend time with my family and socialising with friends.

Milton Lennon LEEDS


Equipment Officer

I started working for BID Services in 2013 and I’m proud to be empowering our service users in their daily lives. I like working here because I meet people from all walks of life. Outside of work, you’ll find me socialising with my friends and family.

Karl Proud LEEDS


Development Manager

I began working at BID Services in 2017 and my proudest achievement is to see other people gaining confidence and agency after working with our services. I really enjoy working here because I get involved in so many different projects.

Chris Jessop LEEDS


Sensory Service Manager

I joined in 2011 and I’m proud to have helped launch the Leeds service. I love the variety of my role, supporting teams and seeing the difference we make to people’s lives. In my spare time, I enjoy swimming! I live on a narrow boat so often spend time travelling along the water.

Wendy Chadwick LEEDS


Volunteer/Befriending Coordinator

My journey began back in 2019 as an Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) Officer for visually impaired people but later moved over to this role. I really enjoy receiving lovely messages of appreciation from people that I’ve supported – I love to help people keep their independence.

Jade Martin LEEDS


Specialist Mental Health Support Worker

It’s rewarding to see the positive impacts my support can have on people’s lives. I love working here because I have a very supportive team, regular opportunities for training/continuing professional development and I’ve learn a new language – BSL!



Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) Worker


Single Point of Access Coordinator


Senior Community Development Officer


Sensory Impairment Officer


Sensory Service Manager


Information, Advice and Guidance Worker


Information, Advice and Guidance Worker


Senior Sensory Deafblind and Children’s Assessor

Milton Keynes


Office Admin

I joined in 2022 and I really like being able to advise and help people whenever and wherever I can, it’s very rewarding to offer assistance to those who are unsure. When I’m not working, I’m usually organising events for my son and his friends or enjoying dinner and a show!

Photo pending


Sensory Service Officer

Black woman with long black hair and glasses against a light blue background.


Team Manager

I started in 2013 and my proudest achievement is achieving a level 5 award in management and leadership and passing level 2 BSL. As a deaf person, I find it empowering working for a sensory impairment charity. In my spare time, I crochet, do gardening and travel.



Specialist Community Sensory Officer

I started at BID as a volunteer in 2010 and I’m proud to have been offered a permanent role and achieving my level 6 BSL qualification. I like the variety that my job role offers, no two days are the same! I also enjoy meeting people from all background and I really enjoy being able to communicate in BSL, deafblind tactile and deafblind manual sign language.


Solihull and Coventry Sensory Service Team Manager/ROVI

I joined the team in April 2019 and after 22 years as a ROVI, I was asked to step up to my current position. Working here is like working with family, everyone who works for BID is passionate about the people they work with and support.


Full-time Happy Boy

I’m a hearing dog for my mum, Leigh!




Senior BSL Interpreter and Lipspeaker

I joined in 2008, my proudest achievement is becoming a qualified Lipspeaker. I like working here because of the friendly and supportive atmosphere. In my spare time, I’m a crochet pattern designer and tester.


BSL/English Interpreter

I joined the team in 2019 and I enjoy working at BID Services because of the passion and support of my team. In my spare time, I enjoy playing sport and spending time with family and friends.


BSL/English Interpreter

I joined the team in 2011, left between 2016-2019 and returned in 2019! When not working here, I enjoy watching and playing sport and walking in my local park by the river.


BSL/English Interpreter

I started working for BID Services in 2011 as Projects Officer. After years working on various projects I made the jump across to Interpreting in 2023. I am currently an in-house Sign Language Interpreter. Most of my favourite moments from working at BID involve our youth service and the amazing young people who’ve accessed our services.


Trainee BSL/English Interpreter

Senior management team



I started working here in 1999 and I’m proud to have worked to develop BID from a small locally based charity to a regional charity that operates across a national footprint with a diverse range of services and projects. I enjoy working with talented, caring and extremely dedicated people.


Head of Finance and I.T.

I started in 2015 and I’m particularly proud of the role in enabling the organisation to work throughout the COVID-pandemic. I love seeing how the work we do has an positive effect on people’s lives. Outside of work, I enjoy down-time with my family and friends.


Head of HR and Organisation Development

My proudest achievement is being part of the growth from a small Birmingham-based charity into a small national organisation. We have amazing staff and volunteers and I like seeing the transformational changes as they learn and develop within their roles.


Head of Operations

I joined in January 2021 and my role is to look after all of our services across England that provide direct support to our service users. I’m responsible for keeping our services safe, of a high standard and to deliver what our service users and commissioners want.

Board of trustees

White male with white hair and glasses against a dark green background



Joined the Board in September 2015, taking on the role of treasurer. Michael was previously Director of Resources at BID and has an in-depth knowledge of the organisation. He holds an MSc in public service management, is highly skilled in IT, accountancy, human resource management and has supported the governance of the organisation.

Asian woman with black hair and glasses against a dark purple background.



Sandeep has been a member of the board since September 2012. Being profoundly deaf herself, she brings comprehensive knowledge and experience of the juxtaposition of Asian British culture and of hearing/deaf culture. Her understanding within the deaf community of belief and ethical matters makes a valuable contribution to the balance of the board.

White, bald man against a light blue background.



Matt has a wealth of experience in supporting organisations to achieve their potential, in addition to helping individual into work using Diversity & Inclusion strategies. Having been born with unilateral hearing loss, Matt is passionate about creating awareness and supporting others with hearing loss. He’s been a proud member of our Board since November 2021.

White male with light brown hair against a dark blue background



Andrew brings a diverse range of experience gained from senior positions in both the public and private sector. As a Chartered Management Accountact and also a member of the Association of Corporate Treasurers, Andrew brings valuable finance and commercial experience to the Board.

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