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Here at BID Services, we are working to break down barriers and part of that is to make sure information and services are accessible.  

In developing our website and the resources within it, we have put a lot of work into ensuring these are accessible, easy to use and easy to find. We have worked with a wide range of people from staff and volunteers to clients and industry specialists to develop and test our website to help us achieve this.  

To make sure our website is accessible we have: 

  • Used contrasting colours throughout. 
  • Tested the website with screen readers and designed menus to enable better navigation when using screen readers.  
  • Provided alternative text for all images. 
  • Provided British Sign Language (BSL) translations. 
  • Minimised the volume of text across the website wherever possible.  
  • Tailored the format of resources based on the target audience, for example, providing videos with BSL for BSL users and screen reader accessible documents for those with sight/severe sight impairments.  
  • You can also change the settings you use to view the website, for example, increasing text size, through your browser.  

Technology is always changing and we are always learning, so if you have any ideas on how we can improve our website and make it more accessible, we would love to hear from you. Please contact the Marketing Team at