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Assistive technology and equipment

Equipment and assistive technology can help people to live independently, access information and opportunities. We provide assessments, advice, guidance and training to help you identify the right technology and equipment for you and learn how to use it effectively.

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Communication Support

We provide interpreting and communication support services to support communication between those who are hard of hearing, d/Deaf, deafblind and hearing and can support with note-taking. This includes Lip Speaking, Note-Taking, Sign Supported English, British Sign Language and more.

This service is available in person and remotely

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Sometimes people need support to help them look for a job or to access training and education opportunities, our service has been specifically designed to meet these needs. We also provide advice and support to employers.

Groups & Events

Across the country we run different events and groups specifically for those with Tinnitus aimed at bringing people together, sharing information, enabling people to learn new skills and access support.

We have different activities in each area

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Health & Wellbeing

We know there are barriers to accessing services, information and activities related to your health and wellbeing. We offer advice, support and activities to support you to manage health conditions, prevent or delay health conditions wherever possible and maintain your health.

Independent Living

Sometimes people need a little advice and support to help them live independently and safely within their own home and in their local community. We can provide this support.

Money Advice

We all need a little help sometimes managing our money. We are able to provide advice and support to help you maximise your income, access appropriate benefits and budget effectively.


We provide a range of training opportunities including digital skills training, personal, social development and much more. Training varies by location depending on local needs and funding.

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