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Mental Health Support Services

As part of the Leeds Sensory Services, we deliver mental health support services for people with sensory impairments through the Live Well Leeds partnership.

Within this service, we run a number of health workshops in partnership with Live Well Leeds and schedule these once we have enough people to run a session. These take place at Gallery House, Leeds, LS1 5RD. 

Details of upcoming workshops which you can register interest for are provided below.

Stress Awareness Workshop for people with a sensory loss. 

Time: 3 hours. 

This one-off workshop aims to increase the person’s understanding of stress, improving their awareness of personal stress symptoms and learn coping methods of how to manage their reactions to stress. 

As this workshop is delivered in a group setting of up to 6 participants, people may learn from other people’s experiences, and provide support to each other. They may bring a friend or family member – if they want – to reduce their anxiety of attending a new location or meeting new people alone.

Thinking Non-Visually Workshop

Time: 2 – 3 hours

These are run for people with a sight loss condition who may be finding it difficult to adapt to a new way of doing things.

This one-off workshop aims to support people in thinking differently when approaching a task to do, e.g. making a hot drink, or brushing your teeth! There are demonstrations including a fun game during the workshop.

Particpants may bring a friend or family member – if they want – to reduce the anxiety of attending a new location or meeting new people alone. 

If you are interested in joining either workshop, please contact us.

Tell 07736 134 158 (Call or text)


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