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Refer a friend

Refer a Friend Scheme

When a vacancy states it is eligible for the “Refer a friend scheme,” employees who introduce a friend can receive a £250 payment after 3 months of starting if the friend is successfully appointed.

The successfully appointed friend will also receive a £250 payment after successfully completing their 6-month probation period. 

You will be eligible to refer a friend if:

  • You are an employee of BID Services or Deaf Cultural Centre (includes relief casual workers).
  • The successful person confirms in their application that you referred them.
  • The friend can also be a family member.
  • The friend has to be external and not an internal application.

Conflict of interest:

  • The scheme does not apply to staff who are directly involved in the recruitment process, such as the shortlisting/interview panel.
  • Staff who are supporting clients to gain employment as part of their job role cannot benefit from the scheme, but they will be eligible to refer friends that are not linked with their work. 

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