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HR Strategies

People Strategy

Our People Strategy documents the work we are doing to achieve our objective to “be an exceptional place to work and volunteer” in order to underpin and support BID Services in achieving our wider organisational strategy. 

We want BID Services to be an exceptional place where people want to work, where employees and volunteers feel equal, valued and supported, where there are opportunities for people to grow professionally and which supports good health and wellbeing and work life balance.

We have included further information in our People Strategy document which you can download to read.

Wellbeing Strategy

At BID Services, “Wellbeing” is one of our top priorities.  The organisation recognises that having the right wellbeing strategy will result in our staff and volunteers being healthier and happier at work which has proven to improve performance and productivity to achieve greater sustainability.  Furthermore, there are financial benefits in having an effective wellbeing strategy through lower absenteeism, lower turnover and attracting and retaining top talent.

There is further information in our Wellbeing Strategy document which you can also download to read.