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Social Work

BID Services has been providing social work services since 1948, commissioned through local authorities, to deaf children and adults. We have particular expertise in social work for deaf, hard of hearing and deafblind people recognising, culture, community and language preferences.

We provide a dedicated, specialist service through workers qualified and competent in all forms of communication with deaf people. This makes sure the culture and specialism is retained and that deaf people in need of care and support receive a high quality service.

The social work services ensures that people meeting local authority criteria are provided with a needs-led assessment with care and support plans and can offer a full duty service/single point of access, where required. We promote self-directed support enabling choice and control, leading to greater independence and self-determination.

In recent years, we ran a pilot social work project, funded by a local authority and Department for Work & Pensions, for people with physical disabilities. This was very successful and enabled BID to test new models of social work that were creative and innovative with a particular focus on accessing locally-based community resources. As a new and innovative approach to providing social work services, this could be duplicated in other authorities, for all client groups.

We are keen to develop further social work services across a range of client groups, replicating our expertise in other areas, for both adults and children. We would like to hear from other local authorities looking for new models to develop their social work provision.

If you would like more information about our social work services, please contact us.

Leeds Telephone      0113 288 5750

Solihull Telephone    0121 246 6100

Looking for social work services? Telephone 0121 246 6100 and ask for Business Development.