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Menopause Resources

It can be difficult for D/deaf and hard of hearing communities to access reliable, medical information surrounding their periods and the menopause.

BID Services are proud to have been working in partnership with My Menopause Centre, Holland & Barrett and the University of Wolverhampton to develop accessible resources for those who are D/deaf and hard of hearing about the menopause. These resources provide answers to common questions about the menopause, explanations about words you might come across related to the menopause and in-depth workshops on key topics. All resources have British Sign Language (BSL), subtitles and audio.

BSL menopause resources

These videos explain the different signs, words and phrases you might come across when talking about the menopause and explains these in BSL providing context.

Common questions

In these videos medical professionals from My Menopause centre, with the help of Holland & Barrett, answer questions people often ask about the menopause, BSL is provided throughout.


Recordings of our menopause workshops provide more in-depth information about the menopause, symptoms, treatment and looking after your health and wellbeing.

We would like to thank My Menopause Centre for working with us to deliver our Menopause workshops and, alongside Holland & Barrett, for their support and help in developing these resources. We would also like to thank the University of Wolverhampton, in particular Sarah Bown & Kristiaan Dekesel, for their translation/interpretation consultancy advice, guidance in the initiation and development of resources and their research into this topic.