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BID Services hold a number of contracts with local authorities for the provision of rehabilitation and mobility training. We have a suitably qualified workforce that is competent and able to deliver high quality rehabilitation support to people with a visual impairment.

We provide rehabilitation and mobility training and work with people utilising their residual vision effectively and safely in order to ensure individuals can live independent lives.

Equipment is provided to maximise independence, improve quality of life and maintain personal dignity and respect.  Qualified Rehabilitation Officers can deal with more sophisticated rehabilitation equipment as well as providing training with low level equipment within people’s homes e.g. liquid level indicators, bump-ons, writing frames and signature guides.

These are some of the tasks we undertake:

  • Teaching an individual independent living skills - such as preparing/cooking food safely
  • providing orientation and mobility training which includes issuing of canes and route planning
  • Lighting advice to ensure individuals can live independently
  • supporting people and their families to understand their eye condition
  • Emotional support
  • Enabling people to use their remaining sight effectively
  • General support to enable a person to live as independently as possible

If you would like more information about our Rehabilitation support, please contact us.


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