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Simon's Story

Following a brain tumour, which resulted in significant cognitive fatigue and sight loss issues, Simon’s life changed massively. He was no longer able to return to his previous job as a warehouse assistant and was starting to feel his life had no purpose. With his confidence taking a dive, and now facing new challenges to learning and remembering information, Simon questioned his ability to find a job he felt he could do. He also recognised he needed support to regain his confidence and independence.

Living in Lincolnshire, Simon was able to access BID’s new remote employment support service, which helped people who are currently unemployed, to look for work during the pandemic.

Initially the team worked with Simon to help him build his confidence. He took part in a six-week RNIB course called ‘Living with Sight Loss’, where he met people in similar circumstances. This helped him see how he could adapt his lifestyle and accept his new circumstances. He also joined a befriending service and had a buddy who called Simon every week for a chat. Over time, he became more confident in going out of the house and is now able to complete short familiar journeys by himself.

With his goal to find employment, Simon took part in a range of interview techniques and tips, which covered mock interviews and CV preparation. With his confidence growing, Simon felt he was ready to apply for jobs, but due to the pandemic he was not hearing back from potential employers which started to knock his confidence. The team arranged for Simon to complete a two-week disability programme at Tesco, where he was buddied up with someone who provided support and guidance on the tasks. At the end of the two weeks Simon realised he would be able to complete certain roles within the retail sector.

All of Simon’s hard work was rewarded when he had a successful interview at his village Co-Op where he was offered a contract for 8 hours a week.


‘I have now started my new job and am finding the Co-Op team supportive and friendly. I finally feel I have a purpose again and am feeling so much happier’.

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