Richard is a Sign Language user. Growing up, he attended a mainstream school but received very little support and was bullied. He then moved to a deaf school where his confidence grew and he later went on to college to study art. Upon leaving college, Richard struggled for 5 years to find a job, and was only able to get volunteering or temporary work and is still looking for a permanent job.

Richard's Story:
I knew that I needed some help in improving my CV and my job hunting skills. Since moving to Birmingham, I had been going to the local job centre but staff there are not very aware and they didn't help much. They didn't always book interpreters as they never turned up. I told my sister about it and she told me about BID and their Employment Service.

I met Karen and she introduced me to the weekly Job Club. From attending the sessions, I was able to improve my CV, learn about the best places to look for a job and how to complete an application form. I also learned about the interview process and was able to practice in mock interviews with Karen and others.

Karen has a lot of awareness and understanding for deaf people who are struggling to find work. She advised me about other job opportunities that I hadn't thought about. With her support, I have been able to apply for a number of posts. I was invited for an interview recently so I am currently waiting to find out if I have been successful or not.

I think Karen or other staff from the Employment Service are always very quick to help. Communication is excellent and they know how to support deaf people.

Whether I get the job or not, I have more confidence in myself and know what I need to do now with job hunting and completing application forms. When I recently attended an interview, I was a bit nervous but because I had already had a practice with Karen, I knew what to do and how to answer the questions.

I am hoping that I won't have to wait too long before I finally get some work!