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Michael lives on his own. In addition to his deteriorating sight, he has mild learning difficulties and as a result, is very anxious around strangers.

BID's allocated Support Worker worked closely to build a rapport with Michael to minimise his anxiety issues and to gain his trust. Michael confided that his sister, and only remaining member of the family, has cancer and was very ill. He was really worried that he would soon lose her and was very upset. The support worker provided emotional support by listening to his concerns, to discuss this issue with him and suggested a number of possible avenues of support through friends and other professional services.

During this emotional period, the support worker remained in constant contact with Michael for ongoing advice on other issues including bills, prescription services and utilities. They also spoke about Michael's sister. He knew he had someone to listen to him and he felt he could trust the support worker.

Michael's sister subsequently died and again, the support worker was able to provide the emotional support needed.

Although still nervous, Michael is able to live independently. He now feels reassured that he has an ongoing point of contact at BID who will advise and support him on a range of issues if required in the future.