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Jason was referred to BID Services for a general assessment of needs and support with housing issues following his recent move to Northumberland. His vision impairment is due to an industrial accident resulting in no vision in his left eye combined with a deterioration of the poor sight to his right eye since childhood.

He had moved into a privately rented flat but, due to his vision impairment, it was not until he moved in that he discovered it was dangerous and in a poor state including damp, rotten floorboards and electrics. The landlord had ignored repeated requests to rectify the problems so BID contacted the local Environmental Health Department who then liaised with the landlord. As a result of this intervention, repairs were eventually made to the property.

In addition, Jason also have financial difficulties and had been denied a budgeting loan from the Department of Work and Pensions. His money was running out, he was left without food or enough money for gas and electricity meters. With no other family involvement due to a breakdown in relations, and no other person to turn to, Jason was at a very low ebb and had been diagnosed with depression. BID liaised with a local support service, the Northumberland Emergency Transition Service (N.E.T.S) to provide food via a foodbank and financial assistance for gas and electricity. Contact was made with a local orgnaisaiton (Blyth Disability Forum) advocating on his behalf to appeal against the ESA decision and provide support to complete a Personal Independence Payment (PIP) application.

Jason has since moved on to Income Support and is presently looking at training courses to be able to get back into work again. He plans to move back to the county he grew up in after reconciling differences with his mother. BID have supported him to register for housing in his chosen county and liaised with the local Housing Department Support team who will assist with his applications for suitable properties.