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80 year old Brenda became deaf at the age of 2. Originally from Warrington, Brenda moved to Birmingham where she married and brought up her three children. She worked until the age of 59 and continued to live in the family home until mobility became an issue forcing Brenda to love into sheltered housing.

Brenda's story:
I finished working when I was 59 but I was busy enough with other things back then so didn't really start coming to the Elders Group until I was about 65.

My children are all grown up now with children of their own so I try not to bother them all the time. At one time, I had all my family at home with me but now live alone in sheltered housing with other older people but they are hearing. I may be living with others but I have found it to be quite lonely and isolating at times. Communication can be hard with them, especially if they have dementia and they don't always include me or understand me. Also, I don't walk far so do not get the chance to get out because if I do too much, my legs can get quite painful.

I had started to get bored at home. I don't really read much and there was never anything good on the television these days. I came to BID on the off chance for other support.

When I came that first time, I was surprised to see my oldest best friend and some other friends I had lost touch with over the years. That afternoon was a fantastic trip down memory lane and they encouraged me to come every week. That was quite a few years ago and I continue to come every week. It gets me out of the house and I love it here.

By coming here, you find out more about the community and what is going on around here which you don't see in the local newspapers or on the news. When I'm here, I can catch up with my friends, have some lunch and sometimes some dinner before I go home in the evening. Sometimes, if I don't go out during the rest of the week, it can feel like forever before the next week comes round. It's especially worse at Christmas when a lot of places are closed through the festive period and it's quite a long time before I get to see anyone else again, apart from my family.