Audriana is a keen cook but was experiencing difficulty with the dials and controls on her new cooker. She also had issues with overfilling and spillage when pouring liquids.

As an avid writer, she also enjoyed studying but was no longer able to write legibly as her eyes became very tired quickly and blurry after short spells of reading or watching the television. A Functional Vision assessment was carried out and suitable magnifiers were identified.

When outdoors, Audriana is always escorted and this, together with her limited mobility, was causing her to feel depressed. She could see no future for herself since her sight loss.

With advice, equipment and ongoing emotional support from BID Services, she now feels enabled and ready to move on and continue with a quality lifestyle.

From Audriana to James, her allowed support worker:

"Dear James, I would like to thank you for the kindness and inspiration you have given me. I was feeling extremely depressed about the loss of my sight and its implications. I was starting to feel that the quicker my life ended, the better it would be for everyone. Your kind words and advice, along with the wonderful aids you gave me, has changed my attitude. I am now looking forward to my future with my dear caring husband. Thank you with all my heart."