Football mad Adam's dream is to be a professional footballer. His achievements are many including being chosen to take part in the GB Deaf football team where he won a bronze medal and achieved his first England cap. To allow him to take part, Adam raises all his own money by cycling from Birmingham to Paris in under 24 hours, without support. Adam wanted to find a job involving sport but because his first language is BSL, he struggled with the English language and worried that this might stop him from achieving his dream of working in sports.

Adam's story:
I found out about BID's Employment Service by chance when I became frustrated with the local Job Centre for their lack of interpreting support. I thought I had nothing to lose so I agreed to meet with Karen Young.

At that first meeting, I was really surprised to find that Karen already had some deaf awareness and she could sign. All my frustrations over the past year came out and she listened patiently. I felt better for having someone to talk to. She then told me she was going to support me to get a job. I didn't have much confidence in myself so I wasn't sure but she seems to believe that I could do it. She seemed to have a lot of faith in me and my abilities.

Karen always had time for me and taught me a lot about improving my CV, how to apply and how to match my skills with a job description and person specification. She also gave me some tips on how to look for a job online and I had an opportunity to practice interview skills.

With encouragement from Karen, I got involved in two interesting projects to re-introduce people, who had experienced difficulties in the past, to a range of sports. They were appreciative of what I was doing for them. Using that experience, along with Karen's support, I applied to become an apprentice with the new Deaf Sports Project at BID, which promotes and engages young deaf people to get involved in sport.

I have been here for about a year now and love working here. I have every confidence in myself and feel great. My future goal is to get another job to help people, who are at an disadvantage in society, get involved with sports. I now believe that it will happen and it's all thanks to Karen.

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