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Chance to Meet

We provide regular activities for children and young people with all sensory impairments. The types of activities we organise range from Easter and Christmas parties, picnics, visits to local farm parks, activity play centres, bowling and sessions with local and national disability sports organisations. Wherever possible, our activities are inclusive for children and young people with all sensory impairments.

Parent Forums - Hearing Impairment

We run Parent Forums in conjunction with NDCS. These give parents and carers an opportunity to discuss topics relating to their child's health, education and social care support within Lincolnshire.

Information & Advice

We can give advice and signpost into other services. Because of working closely together with other families, we can also connect family members together, so first hand experiences with another parent, carer, sibling, aunt, uncle, or grandparent can be shared.

Further information

Website: www.bidlincs.org.uk

Telephone: 01522 848295

Mobile: 07702 939165

Email: chancetomeet@bid.org.uk