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Are you "in the know" about deafblindness?

Deafblind Awareness Week 2022

This year, Deafblind Awareness Week will be on 27th June – 3rd July. Deafblind Awareness Week is always at the end of June on what would have been Helen Keller’s birthday, which was on 27th June.  Helen was born in 1880, in Alabama, the US, and at 19 months, developed sight and hearing loss after an illness. Growing up, she was really shocked at the lack of awareness and information for deafblind people and became an activist, speaker and writer. She spent her life raising awareness on deafblind people and campaigning for their rights.

The theme for this year’s Deafblind Awareness Week is “in the know”. How much do you know about deafblindness? Check out RNID's video below to see Leanne's demonstration of Hands-on-Signing with a deafblind person. 

[Video by Royal National Institute for Deaf People via RNID 2022 Copyright ©RNID, All Rights Reserved]

What is deafblindness?

Deafblindness is having BOTH sight and hearing loss that affect your everyday life. Some people are born Deafblind and others become deafblind later in life. According to Deafblind UK, there are more than 400,000 people in the UK who are Deafblind. It affects everyone differently. Some can’t see or hear very well, and will rely on specialist equipment to help them see or hear better. For others, they cannot see or hear at all and may rely on people to support them with access to information and getting out and about. Imagine having no sight or hearing at all, how would you be able to access information to find out about the world around you?

Did you know?

At BID Services, we believe everyone should be able to live independently, regardless of their disability. We support people who are deafblind all over the UK including the West Midlands with our befriending groups, a Sensory Support Service in Milton Keynes, Leeds and Lincolnshire providing specialist support for those with hearing and/or sight loss. We also have a Support Service in Kirklees and Northumberland that was set up and tailored for people with a visual impairment and deafblind people to live as independently as possible in their own homes. These services include mobility training, rehabilitation and housing support, to name but a few. Please take a look at our website to find out what other support we can also offer someone with a dual sensory loss.

How can you get involved?

Share our article and let people know about Deafblind Awareness Week! Follow our social media pages so you can find out some facts and information on Deafblindness and share these with your friends and family. Would you like to befriend someone who is deafblind or become a volunteer to support our range of services that we provide for people with a visual impairment? Are you deafblind, or do you know someone who is? We are here to offer support, information and advice. Get in touch with us!

Posted 27th June 2022