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Sensory Art by children with hearing and sight loss in Lincolnshire to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee


Children and young people with sensory loss in Lincolnshire will be given the exciting opportunity to create their own art in celebration of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

The Chance To Meet Project in Lincolnshire, delivered by BID Services Lincolnshire, was awarded funding by the National Lottery Community Grant, with support from ASDA Grantham, to create a piece of sensory art, that will be displayed at outdoor locations throughout Lincolnshire, with the first “exhibition” to be held at Hartsholme Park.

Chance To Meet is a project that was set up with funding from Children in Need to provide regular activities for children and young people with all sensory impairments. The types of activities they organise range from Easter and Christmas parties, picnics, visits to local farm parks, activity play centres, bowling and sessions with local and national disability sports organisations. Wherever possible, the activities are inclusive for children and young people with all sensory impairments.

Jorja Le Gallienne, the co-ordinator for the Chance To Meet Project, says “Chance To Meet not only helps deaf and visually impaired children but also their families including parents and siblings to come together and enjoy themselves without having to worry whether the venue or activity is accessible for the child. We are really excited to be involved in this sensory art project, which will be a lifetime opportunity for many of the families and we really can’t wait to see what they will create!

The Sensory art project will be led by Lee Sass, a local artist in Lincolnshire and will be based around the concept of creating Story Sticks. Lee devised this project from a tradition by Nomadic tribes. Whilst journeying from place to place, the “storyteller” would tie things to a stone or stick as a reminder of their life journey which he/she would recall later around the fire at their destination. Lee says, “This project is similar, in that you bind the stick with colours and materials to represent your life’s journey including important moments and people. This is a lovely therapeutic activity that will help the young people retell important stories in their lives.

There will be a number of face to face sessions with Lee in Lincoln, Boston and Grantham, with one taking place online to allow those unable to attend in person. Each person in every session will use a variety of materials to wrap a stick that represents their chosen personal story. At the end of the project, everyone’s Story Stick will be put together into a display that will hang in the trees at Hartsholme Park. This will remain in place for a few weeks, before moving on to other locations for a few more weeks.  

The first creative session will be launched on Saturday 4th June at 10:30am at Hartsholme Park to be followed by further sessions throughout June.

Please contact Jorja Le Gallienne if you know of a child or young person with hearing and sight loss who would like to be involved and/or if you would like further information about this project including dates for the other sessions.

Email Jorja.LeGallienne@bid.org.uk
Mobile 07715 868621

Posted 24th May 2022