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BID celebrates #DeafAwarenessWeek 2022

In celebration of Deaf Awareness Week this year, we will be running FREE Deaf Awareness and British Sign Language Tasters for people to learn more about becoming deaf aware and how to better communicate with deaf people. These sessions will be delivered online via Zoom and will include the opportunity to fingerspell the alphabet and learn some basic BSL signs.

We will also be launching a number of posts and videos on our social media platforms to highlight how deaf people are different in the way they communicate including some tips on how to communicate with them. Did you know some deaf and hard of hearing people can lipread and there are qualified Lip-speakers to help with communication? Take a look at our Lip-speaking video which will be released on social media during the week. 

Deaf people can work with the right support and we have a fantastic video to highlight the range of roles they can undertake at work. For example, we have a Deaf receptionist working front of house accepting and answering calls. This is possible with the help of a BSL interpreter, provided through the Government’s Access to Work scheme.

These are just a few of the videos we will be releasing during Deaf Awareness Week. Make sure you like and follow our pages to see what we get up to!

Posted 2nd May 2022