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Sign Language Interpreter Awareness Month

We are highlighting the great work of the dedicated Interpreters within our BID Interpreting Service. This February, tune-in to BID social media pages to see all the fun, meet the team and get top tips from these professionals, as we kick off the New Year with our Interpreter Awareness Campaign.

Check out our video below to find out more info:

Interpreter Awareness Month – What to Expect

It is all about promoting the great work of our friendly professional Interpreters who form the BID Interpreting Service. We will be posting all kinds of useful stuff to help you to get to know more about what it means to be an interpreter with BID Services. As well as sharing information about using interpreting skills and how to book BID interpreting services.  

Look out for these stories on our social media pages:

  • Out and About Interpreting (BSL)
  • Ten Top Tips When Working with an Interpreter
  • Meet The Team: Interpreter Service
  • Access To Work –  What is Access to Work and how you can use it for communication or interpreting support
  • How to book a British Sign Language Interpreter from BID Services

Who We Are

BID’s British Sign Language Interpreting Service  was established in 1994 to meet the communications needs of deaf and hard of hearing people across the UK. 

We help people every day with meetings, medical appointments, job interviews, training, conferences, community events and more.

Over the past 20 years, we have built our reputation on providing communications support that is professional, friendly, reliable, high quality and personalised.

Our dedicated team comprises in-house NRCPD registered professionals and freelance interpreters available for face-to-face and remote support.

Interpreting Services Available

Our BID interpreting team will work with you every step of the way, from booking appointments to actual service delivery. The range of services offered includes deaf relay, international signing, BSL interpreter and BSL receiver, support for deafblind and SSE (Sign Supported English).

Communicating in the Workplace

To support you with communicating in your work place, our interpreting service can help.  There is a Government scheme called Access to Work which provides funding to cover the costs of interpreting in your workplace. 

Our BID Employment and Interpreting services work together. We can help if you require communication support during your job search or a support worker to help you communicate in your workplace.  

What do Sign Language Interpreters do?

The role of a Sign Language Interpreter is to facilitate communication between deaf and hearing people by translating spoken English into British Sign Language and BSL into spoken English. This skills is very important and can take 7 years to qualify.

Booking Interpreting Service

  • Online using the form: Book an Interpreter (bid.org.uk)
  • Telephone/Text/WhatsApp: 07984 683182
  • Email: interpreting@bid.org.uk

Emergency Out of Hours Interpreter Support

If you have an emergency outside of standard office hours and you need communication support for deaf mental health, please contact BID Interpreter service out of hour’s telephone number on 07920044777.  

In the event of a medical emergency or an out of hour’s hospital appointment, please inform the hospital or medical support staff so they can work through the service provider to get an interpreter for you.

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Posted 8th February 2022