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Lincolnshire Employment Service

Since 2020 we have been delivering a specialist Employment Service across Lincolnshire supporting those who are Deaf, hard of hearing or visually impaired into education, training or employment. This has been funded by the Greater Lincolnshire LEP Employment and Skills ESF Grant Programme managed by Bishop Grosseteste University and we are delighted to announce that we have just received a 6 month extension to this project.

Watch our video below for more information:

The success of our Lincolnshire Employment Service

Since the project launched towards the end of 2020, our Lincolnshire Intervention Worker has worked with a wide range of clients and has exceeded targets, supporting 6 out of 10 clients into employment. People with sensory impairments face a range of challenges when it comes to gaining employment, something we as a charity have worked hard to address through our West Midlands Employment Service and this new provision in Lincolnshire.

Some clients require support building their confidence and identifying the right career path for them whilst others require support to access training before they can move onto employment. Added to this, is support overcoming inaccessible recruitment processes and working with employers to help them increase understanding and awareness of employing staff with sensory impairments. The achievements of these clients in Lincolnshire is therefore a huge accomplishment and we wish them all well in their new roles.  

Simon's story and how our Employment Service helped him get into employment

Successfully gaining employment and getting back into work is not only a huge accomplishment, but also provides a great boost for many people, as one of our Lincolnshire clients, Simon, said:

‘I have now started my new job and am finding the Co-Op team supportive and friendly. I finally feel I have a purpose again and am feeling so much happier.’

Contact info: Employment Service & Lincolnshire Employment Service

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If you or someone you know would like support accessing education, training or employment, please contact the Employment Team on:

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Posted 4th October 2021