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Sensory Swimming Club: BID Lincolnshire

We are proud to announce that our BID Lincolnshire service will be launching a sensory swimming club on 3rd July 2021 at the Yarborough leisure centre. The new swimming lessons are specifically aimed at, and are created for children who have a sensory loss. These sessions have been kindly funded by Sport England and will run throughout the summer here at Yarborough leisure centre.  If you have a child who has a sensory loss and you feel that they can benefit from some swimming lessons over the summer, then please get in touch and we can get you signed up for our launch day on Saturday 3rd July.

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What to expect on launch day and your choice of lessons

On launch day on Saturday 3rd July, we would like to invite the whole family for an hours swim at the Yarborough leisure centre. During this time the teaching team will take your child for an assessment.  After Launch day you have two options, with how to proceed with funded lessons:

  • We can offer your child one lesson per week for 6 weeks. These will take place on a Monday afternoon, from Monday 5th July – Monday 9th August.
  • We can offer your child a week of intensive lessons. These will run during the first week of August, Monday 2nd – Friday 6th.

We will need to know on the launch day which you would prefer, so that we can put your child in the appropriate group and ensure a place is available to them and we will email you all of the information you will need to start the lessons (we accommodate all aged and abilities).

[Image by Sandcroft Avenue limited trading as Hussle 2021 via Hussle.com, Copyright © Hussle, All Rights Reserved]

[Image Description: Yarborough Leisure Centre swimming pool.]

Improving your child’s swimming

We have designed our swimming lessons to encompass and include a wide range of skills and abilities for your child.

  • May be your child is struggling with a certain stroke and you feel they would benefit from a week’s intensive work on that one stroke?
  • Or if they are working towards a specific badge, we can accommodate that as well.
  • Alternatively, maybe your child doesn’t like the water at all and you feel you want us to build their water confidence.
  • We also can spend six weeks at a more relaxed pace working with them even just to get them into the pool or maybe putting their faces in the water.

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[Image Description: Swimming coach teaching a child how to swim.]

Our commitment and the sustainability of our Sensory Swimming Club  

We will continue to offer these sensory loss lessons on a Monday evening from September onwards, so there is the option to carry on. Therefore, it is important to highlight that our swimming club is not seasons and that these sessions will not just simply disappear. If you feel this is something that would benefit your child, please do get in touch and we can get you signed up for the launch day on Saturday 3rd July. 

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Posted 9th June 2021