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The Easing of Lockdown: The Mental Health Challenges

For many of us, we are feeling the longing and optimism that the gradual easing of lockdown brings, even with social distancing. To be able to see our friends, play sports and resume our lives with family and work. However, for many of us this will entail adjusting to the changes the pandemic has brought in our lives. Even with the happy news in the easing of the lockdown rules, it can still be quite difficult for our mental health and for many, it will no doubt be worrying and a confusing time.

The main mental health challenges we may face?

Everyone should be prepared that the easing and potential end of lockdown might also cause some difficulties for us just as it did when it entered lockdown back in March 2020.

It will take time for everyone to adjust to news rules and return to their old lives, albeit these will likely look quite different for many of us.  We should expect that it will also take time to find our way back, and to reconnect with life as things may not be the same as they were before.

Some things that can impact your mental health well-being:

  • Fear and anxiety
  • Coping with social/work lives
  • Grief

What can you do about them?

BID Services offers a variety of services that have been carefully designed to provide support to people with sensory impairments during times of need. For some this may be around accessing information about welfare benefits or gaining help to find employment whilst for others this could be around accessing local social groups and activities. Getting the right support at the right time is vital in helping you adapt to your changing circumstances and to address any worries or concerns you may have which could be affecting your mental wellbeing.

We offer a wide range of services from Employment, Information, Advice and Guidance, social groups, wellbeing activities, Befriending and much more, all of which can support you as we all find our way out of lockdown and adjust to our new lives. If you want to find out about the support available near you, please visit us on our BID Services website.

Sometimes, simply having someone to speak to is enough to ease our worries and protect our mental health, as such our Befriending Service is here to help. This service is available for people who are Deaf, hard of hearing and Deaf Blind in Birmingham and around the West Midlands. The service is designed to provide support to people who are feeling anxious, confused and to those who are suffering from grief as a result of a loss from the pandemic.  The service provides emotional support to those feeling anxious about anything, whether it’s going back to work or about family issues.

For more information or to contact us:

Delivery of our Services (face-to-face and remote) during gradual easing of lockdown:

Here at BID Services we are planning and implementing various measures to adapt, improve and deliver services throughout lockdown and through its gradual easing, in line with the Government Spring 2021 road map out of Lockdown.

We are continuously reviewing the delivery of our services and how we can gradually reopen services. More details will be coming to the website soon or you can keep up to date via social media or by contacting your local service.

Stay updated on the latest BID Services news by following us on our website and our social media pages:


Posted 29th March 2021