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Sign Language Week

The 18th March 2003 is one of the most important dates within Sign language week, as it commemorates when the UK Government officially recognised British Sign Language as a formal language in its own right. BID Services since its inception have continued to support those who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing by embodying our core values (Innovation, Professional, Quality and Caring) within our services.

History of Sign Language Week

Even as late as the 1980s, the history of British Sign Language (BSL) has been poorly understood as it is an unwritten language. However, as a result of events, rallies and consequent BSL Marches the UK Government formally recognised BSL as an official language on the 18th March 2003.  Thanks to the brave efforts of the British Deaf Association (BDA) and countless other deaf organizations and individuals.

Find out more in this short video created by the British Deaf Association:

How we promote and support the use of BSL and increase Dear Awareness through our services

Our mission statement is "to make a positive difference to the people we support by offering a range of innovative services that empower people to control their own lives". At BID Services, we live by our mission and values each and every day by ensuring that our services align with our core values.

Deaf Awareness Training (DAT) is one of our many specialties and is close to our heart as we want to increase awareness and break down the barriers that Deaf people experience every day. We have extensive experience providing this training to employees of companies from a wide range of sectors, students and individuals who are interested in learning how to communicate more effectively with those who are Deaf/hard of hearing, the barriers Deaf individuals face and Deaf Culture. 

Additionally, our Interpreting Service provides a wide range of specialist translations services to meet the communications needs of Deaf and hard of hearing people across the UK. Our large in-house team of interpreters of skilled and caring professionals cover a diverse range of appointments interpreting information from BSL to English and from English to BSL. This service helps ensure that people whose first language is BSL are able to access the services, events and activities that matter to them such as GP appointments.


BSL Training

We offer BSL Level 1, 2 and 3 training. This provides students with access to the wider deaf community who regularly meet and socialise at the Deaf Cultural Centre, as well as expert native Deaf BSL Trainers with years of experience in helping people gain BSL qualifications.

For more information, please contact bsltraining@bid.org.uk

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Posted 22nd March 2021