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Chance to Meet Service gets cooking thanks to BBC Children in Need

‘Chance to Meet’ Service in Lincolnshire gets cooking thanks to BBC Children in Need Boost Funding

Children with a sensory loss in Lincolnshire, along with their families are cooking together online thanks to some booster funding from Children in Need.

The cooking sessions, which take place via Zoom, have proved to be great fun and have helped to bring parents and children together in an informal way during the pandemic restrictions. This has enabled them to build new friendships and support their children to become more independent in the kitchen. Because the service is delivered online, we have been able to reach out to families who were harder to reach geographically, enabling them to get to know each other which was a real boost.


Image shows Chance to Meet member at the stove cooking.

By cooking together, the children were able to develop valuable life skills and to learn about the kitchen equipment they could use, such as talking weighing scales, timers and recipe books enabling them to be fully involved throughout the cooking session. Many of the families were not aware of the specialist kitchen equipment available which could be used by the child to become more independent and cook their own meals. Over the course of the project, one profoundly deaf young person who took part, successfully prepared a number of meals for her family of five. Now at university, she is using some of the recipes and is confidently cooking for herself.

Image shows two girls from Chance to Meet at the table baking. 

Another child who participated lives in a small rural village and is an only child. He excelled in the cooking sessions and it was brilliant to see the joy on his face. His Mum said he has really benefited from the cookery session as it allowed him to engage during lockdown, giving him a positive few months and making his return to school smoother than they expected.

If you would like more information about our Chance to Meet service in Lincolnshire please get in touch with us:

  • Email: support@bid.org.uk
  • Tel: 01522 848295
  • Voice/SMS: 07702 939170
  • Facebook: BID Lincolnshire (Chance to Meet) - private group, request to join

Posted 17th November 2020