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International Older Person’s Day

As part of International Older Person’s Day (IDOP) this year, our Leeds Hearing & Sight Loss Service team ran an Art Project for some of our clients in Leeds.

Throughout the pandemic and lockdown many people with sensory impairments have faced increased isolation and exclusion and for older adults this has been especially apparent. We have continued to support our clients over the last few months, adapting the way we work and finding new ways of offering services. However, it is hard to recreate some of the more fun activities and social opportunities, particularly for those who are not online so cannot take part in online social groups or activities. Our IDOP Art Project therefore aimed to offer some of our clients something a little different. With a grant to fund the project, we sent out 10 arts and craft boxes to 10 of our clients and helped them to participate in their own art project from home.

Everyone had a great time and enjoyed the opportunity to take part in something a little different. As Audrey, one of the project participants, explained:

Hello, I absolutely really enjoyed myself today, from the fact of seeing all the flowers Lindsay has brought, I have enjoyed her company. I must be honest and say she’s done exactly as I asked her to do and supporting them with the designs.”

Here are a few shots of people taking part and the wonderful pieces of artwork they created.




Images show some of the project participants receiving their arts and crafts bags, working on their projects and displaying their final pieces of work.

Thank you to everyone who got involved and took part and Happy International Older Person’s Day!

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Posted 9th October 2020