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World Sight Day

World Sight Day aims to raise awareness around visual impairments, eye health and the challenges and barriers faced by those living with a visual impairment and how people overcome these.

Technology can make a huge difference to the lives of people with a visual impairment, helping them stay connected, access information and get out and about. It can also help reduce the isolation and exclusion many individuals with sight loss experience and since the pandemic began, technology has become more important than ever.

To celebrate World Sight Day we wanted to share a few stories about the benefits of technology and how our Leeds Hearing and Sight Loss Service have been working hard over recent months to ensure people with a visual impairment (VI) are able to stay connected with friends and family and access information and support. Here are a few examples of how our Leeds team and technology have helped people stay connected.

Our VI Technology Officer, Syed, has developed videos for people to access at home teaching them to use accessibility features on their smart phones. This means people have not had to wait for an assessment with us to learn how to do things like enlarge text and enable magnification gestures. Check out Syed’s videos here: Leeds Hearing & Sight Loss Service Playlist     


(Image shows screenshot of how to video from the Leeds Hearing and Sight Loss Service Playlist.)

Prior to lockdown one of our clients used to access our VI Resources Room fortnightly to use our digital magnifier to read his mail. With lockdown and the closure of our offices, this was no longer possible. Our Leeds team arranged the loan of one of our digital magnifiers and we dropped this off at his home. He has now been able to read his mail when he chooses to. This has helped him feel less isolated.

Some of our visually impaired clients use our computers, which have speech software, to read emails and access the internet. When we opened our offices in June we moved our computers around and created a VI Computer Room. This offers a safe environment which people with a visual impairment can safely use knowing they can socially distance from others. One of our clients has been coming in every week to use the new VI Computer Room to access different things on the computer.

We would love to hear from you if you have ideas about how we can deliver our service and support people to access technology going forwards. So if you have any ideas, please contact Chris, our Leeds Hearing and Sight Loss Service Manager using the details below.

To find out more about our Leeds Hearing and Sight Loss Service and the support they can offer around technology, contact the team on:

Phone: 0113 2885750

Text/WhatsApp/video call: 07702 940 888

Email: leedsinfo@bid.org.uk

Posted 8th October 2020