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Covid Vaccination Van at the Deaf Cultural Centre (Birmingham): Wednesday 28th July

On Wednesday 28th July, we have organised for a Covid vaccination van at the Deaf Cultural Centre (Birmingham), there will be a BSL Interpreter available all day to support you with any questions you may have. For more information, please keep reading below or if you have any other questions or need support, please contact our Covid Officer by calling or texting us at 07895-086527 or by emailing us at

Covid-19 Project Officer: Questions and Support

As part of our Covid-19 Project, our new Covid Project Officer Safina will be supporting the Deaf and Hard of Hearing communities by keeping them up to date with any new information regarding the Coronavirus or vaccines. Our Covid Project Officer will be working every Thursday, and will be setting up workshops, home visits and various events, so please keep a lookout for these on our website and social media pages: Facebook and Twitter.

Diabetes Awareness: Deafness and Hearing Loss

This article is all about raising awareness for Diabetes and its potential impact on hearing loss. It is predicted that up to 549,000 people in the UK have diabetes and have not yet been diagnosed ( recent years, Diabetes has been linked to be a risk factor of hearing loss. Whilst there are many factors which can cause hearing loss, researchers have found that diabetes could also contribute to loss of hearing or deafness. Check out our article to find out how diabetes can cause hearing loss?