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Interpreting Services

Whatever your interpreting need, we can help!

We offer interpreters with specialist subject knowledge who can manage your booking with passion, expertise and professionalism. Here are just some of the interpreting options we can offer to you. If you have other requirements, then please let us know.

British Sign Language
Sign language is a visual means of communicating using gestures, facial expression, and body language. Within Britain, the most common form of sign language is called British Sign Language (BSL). It has its own grammatical structure and syntax and is the preferred language of approximately 70,000 people within the UK.

Sign Supported English
Some deaf people use Sign Supported English (SSE), which borrows signs from BSL and follows English grammatical structure. SSE is used to support spoken English, and is often used within education settings.

Deafblind; Manual, Block, Visual Frame and Hands On Manual
Deafblind Manual Alphabet is a method of spelling out words onto a Deafblind person's hand. Each letter is denoted by a particular sign or place on the hand and in this way, spells out words.

Block - is another manual form of communication where words are spelled out by tracing each letter in block capitals onto the palm of the Deafblind person's hand.

Visual Frame - signing within the visual field of the person who has restricted vision so that they can see the signs.

Hands On - by placing their hands over the hands of the signer, a Deafblind person can feel the signs being used.

Lip Speaking
A lip speaker is a person who has been professionally trained to be easy to lip read. The lip speaker silently and accurately repeats the spoken message together with facial expressions and gestures.

Note-taking: Electronic and Manual
Manual note-takers provide high quality written notes in a variety of settings, including educational and the workplace.

Electronic note-takers use a computer to produce notes.

Deaf Relay
Deaf Relays are experienced Deaf people who work alongside BSL interpreters with users who are deaf and have a specific language need due to a disability or not being a native BSL user. The Relay adapts what the hearing interpreter is signing into a variation of sign for the client, together with the client's response for the interpreter, to assist understanding.

Speech to Text Translation
A STTR or Palantypist produces a live transcription of everything that is being said. This is produced on a monitor or screen as scrolling text and assists users to participate actively in meetings or conferences.

BSL/English Translation: DVD, website etc
Written literature can be produced on DVD in British Sign Language to provide accessibility to deaf people. We can also provide signed slips of written text for your website.

Access to Work Support
For Deaf people in employment, BID Services can provide a complete support service for Access to Work, providing interpreters and comprehensive administrative provision. Please contact us for further details.