We offer a range of group activities and workshops in our Karten Network funded centre at the Deaf Cultural Centre. Activities include:

At the Job Club every week, you can access laptops to use for job searches and receive support from our dedicated team of staff and volunteers. Our technology is also suitable for those with sight loss.

Our Personal Social Development & Employability course is designed for people with a hearing impairment. The course discusses topics including deaf history, culture, confidence building, motivation, creating a CV, completing application forms and preparing for interviews. This course is accessible for all levels of hearing loss.

British Sign Language for deaf people and international signers is a new entry course designed to support deaf people to learn BSL in order to access further education such as BSL Level 1 and English.

If you are deaf and thinking of learning to drive, then our course on Theory Driving will be ideal for you. Come and learn from a qualified driving instructor who can sign.

To find out more about our activities, please contact the Employment team via email to  employment@bid.org.uk, or telephone us on 0121 246 6100 or mobile 07806 729256 and ask for the Employment Service.