PURE Project

BID Services are delivering the PURE Project in partnership with Birmingham City Council. BID's Employment Service provides specialist support for Birmingham residents who are deaf, hard of hearing, sight impaired or have a disability looking for employment, education or training.

Are you looking for a job?

Are you over 29 years old?

Do you live in Birmingham?

Are you deaf or hard of hearing or have a visual impairment or a disability?

or not in education, employment or training?

The employment team can provide you with support to access employment, training and further education. We offer a full employment support service through one to one appointments or activities and training:

Information, advice and guidance
Support with accessing further education, training or volunteering opportunities
Career planning, completing a CV and application forms
Job search and job club
Interview preparation
Coaching and mentoring
Improving your English writing, IT and Math skills
Applying for Access to Work
Our Employment Service
Many people with a disability need support to help them look for a job or to access employment and education opportunities, so our service has been specifically designed to meet their needs.

As well, employers can lack confidence in employing people with a disability, with many not aware of the Government's Access to Work scheme, which can help meet the cost of making reasonable adjustments in the workplace.

We also work closely with employers in order to raise awareness and to promote the many benefits of employing people with a disability, including having a diverse workforce.

We can also provide further support to employees and their employers, such as support in accessing DWP's Access to Work funding, employee guidance and employer/employee mentoring.

For more information or support, please contact us.

Email: employment@bid.org.uk

Mobile: 07702 532824

This project is part funded by the European Social Fund.