The deaf community comprises of deaf and hard of hearing people who share a common language, experiences and values. Members of the deaf community tend to view their deafness as a difference in human experience rather than a disability.

Over the years, deaf people have been coming together in the Deaf Cultural Centre to meet up with friends, share a number of activities and socialise. These include the Deaf Elders Group, catering for deaf and hard of hearing people over the age of 50 and Birmingham Deaf Church, both of which still exist today and meets every Wednesday.

If you are a deaf elder yourself over the age of 50, or you know someone who would benefit from attending our Deaf Elders Group or the deaf church, please contact Jo Carlton via email to

Thanks to funding from Children in Need, we are now running a weekly youth club for young deaf people, from 8 - 14 years old. The Club launched in October 2014 and runs every Wednesday evenings during term time. If you would like further information, please contact